Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Um... dude?"

Everyone is talking LOST.

If you're not a fan, don't leave yet. Please. :)

The thing is, LOST (I love typing LOST in all caps and so that's where it will stay) is one of the only shows on television (or was) that actually makes me feel dumb.

I love that. It's why I have such smart friends (partly, anyway). It's also part of why LOST is best watched in community.

Granted, fans, it's a great show no matter what, whether you appreciate it and take it apart, or like me, you overemphasize the ridiculous and just take the ride. But even when I watched Lost alone (thank you, Netflix streaming), I was still barraging friends, Eric and Ashley in particular, with questions, quips and I will now resist the urge to make this sentence alliterative... thoughts. Whew.

Because LOST is better in community, even if that community is behind a screen.

For fans
Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune and B.J. Keeton (who is taking part in the blogathon) have broken in down in ways that hurt my head.

For fans and non-fans alike

This is hilarious. And if you haven't watched LOST, it's so much so fast it won't ruin anything.

I was a LOST late-bloomer. And I still love Sayid.

(Note: The picture was abc,com's April Fool's joke. Get it? You're welcome, Ashley Sue.)

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