Saturday, May 29, 2010

This is a pre-emptive post.

Robin texted me this afternoon letting me know that Gabe (her husband) was having a 'guy's night out', and was I busy? "I'm thinking this would be a perfect opportunity for Twilight, wine and cheese."

I adore this girl.

I've been telling her for the past year that she needs to see "Twilight", and being an intelligent, grown woman (sorry, serious fans) she's resisted.

"You don't get it." I told her. "We're not watching it because it's good. We're watching it because it's ridiculous. It's a two-bottles-of-wine movie. You drink one together before  the movie starts, then sip on the second while you watch, and the movie becomes GLORIOUS in its ridiculousness."

So she's apparently finally given in. We're each supplying a bottle of wine, and then we will eat cheese and good things, and laugh our faces off.

If you want to see my earlier thoughts on the movie, click here

I mean, he compares her to heroin, you guys. That's not a love affair. That's a recipe for homelessness and death.

Sometime, when you don't have better things to do and have your imbibement of choice handy, watch "Twilight". Skip "New Moon", though. It's boring.


  1. Ooh, maybe you've tempted ME to watch this one day...dying to hear how the night went...

  2. It was so glorious! The 14-year-old in me LOVED it! And I know you disagree, but after several glasses of wine, Edward Cullen is kind of sexy. Sorry, friend, but it had to be said.