Sunday, May 2, 2010

Startup of another crazy month

Hi, friends.

For some reason, I signed up to do the 2010 WordCount blogathon... considering my track record with National Novel Writing Month and the like, you might wonder why. But there are all these things waiting to be written, and I am hoping needing a blog a day will cause me to stop procrastinating and write them.

There's the blog about Haiti, the blog about David Bazan, the blog about Good Friday (welcome at any time, I hope), the blog about the crazy amounts of grace I see being spent on one another daily by my friends.

And yes, technically I didn't post May 1. But I really like my list of 20 things more worth your time than Avatar, so I am claiming that one for yesterday.

Lastly. what's a launch of a blogathon without a little narcissism? I loved my hair so much just now I had to take a picture.

...and to all a good night. 


  1. Well, of course you did. How else would you see Avatar again?

  2. My hair always does the best things when no one else is around to see it too. Seriously, it really does. I know that's not the type of thing you expect from a guy, but it really is true, lol. It always makes me look so freaking cool - or at least distinguished.