Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"So, basically, you just swap witty text messages all day long."

I'll be honest--I've been scrambling for a topic today. I even popped over to this Netvibes list, created by Blogathoner Dylan, of discordianZen, to see what other people were writing about. Here's a broad sample:

  1. their kids
  2. their social media-influenced business
  3. their garden
  4. their cooking projects
  5. their crafty projects

Being single, childless and currently unemployed (see the donate button? Ok, I'm done), I don't have some of those things. And being largely useless & woefully untalented at almost anything requiring the use of my hands (not by any real physical malady, just pure awkwardness) those other things are out for me too. And I thought, Heather, what are you good at?

You're looking at what I'm good at. I'm not claiming this is the best work I've ever done, or that the work, in this moment, is even particularly good. But this, this writing thing, and telling people what I think about things, is what I'm good at. Sometimes I even get to be funny in the middle of it.

Another couple things I'm good at are more difficult to translate into this form. I'm good at drinking coffee for long, slow periods of time, and I'm good (I hope) at listening. In the last couple weeks I've had the opportunity to hear several of my friends share their hearts, and while it's an absolutely brilliant way to spend your time (almost the best), I doubt they'd appreciate if I divulged the details here.

So... writing, coffee-drinking and listening. I hope I'm as good at those things as I think I am. When that doesn't work, I can always resort to the snappy text exchange.

What atypical or overly common thing are you surprisingly good at? 


  1. You caught me with "single, childless and unemployed." I am SO JEALOUS! ;-)
    Seriously, this writing thing might pan out just fine for you. Rockin' post.

  2. I can relate 100% with this post. Writing is what I'm best at, too. Thanks for the follow. I will return the favor!

  3. Aw... these comments make me feel wrapped in warm fuzzies! Thanks so much!

  4. Heather my dear, If I could give you a million dollars I would. I can't imagine anyone else who deserves it more then you.
    I miss you girl.

  5. oftentimes, as i'm learning, you get to be funny in the middle of it.