Friday, April 30, 2010

20 things more worth your time than "Avatar".

1. Serving the homeless.
2. Working in your yard.
3. Working in your neighbor's yard. 
4. Working in the yard of someone you've never met who lives across town and doesn't like you. 
5. Contemplating your own mortality.
6. Baking scones. 
7. Visiting the World's Biggest Ball of Twine. 
8. Visiting the World's Biggest Peanut.
9. Flipping your mattress.
10. Paying your library fines.
11. Boycotting puppies. 
12. Reading US magazine. 
13. Campaigning for Ralph Nader.
14. Learning to hold your breath for a long time. 
15. Breeding alpacas. 
16. Collecting stamps. 
17. Putting your head in the freezer to see what being cryogenically frozen feels like. 
18. Writing a pen pal in prison.
19. Learning to play the spoons.
20. Flossing (courtesy of Eric Gerhardt, who I am sure flosses daily).

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