Monday, April 5, 2010

Mustaches for (almost) everyone!

This is Band of Horses. Apparently the guy on our far left didn't get the memo.


(This photo is courtesy, which you've hopefully heard of. If you haven't, you should. Not only do they offer tribute albums for "Automatic for the People", "Post" and "OK Computer", they also have a hilarious ongoing "Hunt for the Worst Movie of All Time".)

(I really like Band of Horses, even though both of their previous albums took quite a while to grow on me, and for a while they were one of those bands I couldn't listen to without getting weepy and dark, due to a connection with a certain someone. All this to say I will give the new stuff time to grow on me as well.) 

(A blog post of substance will be here soon. Currently brewing, Good Friday and Luke 7, and a defense of David Bazan. Soon. Promise. Don't sit on your hands, friends.)

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