Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"While we are thrilled you think our sauce is 'the shiznit'..."

I have a not-terribly-secret crush on Brian Williams. I don’t even really know why, other than the fact that he’s adorable in a very grown man-kind of way, and I find his voice soothing, regardless of whether he’s describing violence in East Timor or a nice lady in Iowa who knits tea cozies for orphans. But since I moved into this house, I have a TV I can’t seem to figure out and roommates who never watch TV, which means I never watch TV, apart from a couple Hulu addictions. And NBC Nightly News is not one of them

But then I saw this picture today, and my love was instantly renewed.

He’s just great, isn’t he? (Photo courtesy of our pal Al Roker, via www.twitter.com/alroker)

Now, I suppose it could be said that if he wants to be amazing, he should be out fighting the fires too, but there’s something about knowing and doing one’s job, and letting others do theirs, that is better, I think. Go on, Brian. Let the firefighters be the heroes.

I know that Anderson Cooper is supposedly the hot newscaster of the day, but he just doesn’t seem normal. If I were dating Anderson Cooper (an opportunity that, let’s face it, I probably wouldn’t pass up), I would guess that there would probably be multiple occasions where it was time to go, and I was saying, “Anderson, come on already…”, watching him groom excessively in the mirror. I bet he winks at himself in the mirror, too. Not fun.

But I feel like Brian Williams would totally be game to go away someplace for a while, pretend the news didn’t exist, grow a killer beard and build you a fire with wood he cut himself. And that’s awesome. Right?

Yep. That's a pretty good assessment of my brain tonight, I think.

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