Sunday, September 20, 2009

"The wind picked up. Are you a witch?"

Maybe I should have catchy little categories, like "Free Stuff Friday". But it's not Friday, so maybe the category should be called "I'm lazy and it's free." Let's go with that one.

Jesus Hates Religion. Part two of the Emmaus series, text and audio.

Jeremy Okai Davis. This is the artist I've been bragging on. His work is up at Seven Virtues, and it's awesome.

Seven Virtues Coffeehouse. They're not giving anything away for free, and they haven't updated their site, but there it is. I think they should change their name to "Heather's Other Home", but so far they haven't caught that vision yet.

Caitlin Schwerin. I don't know Caitlin, but she's a recent Portland transport who used to work with Amanda Rae, my best friend growing up. I think her art looks fun, and she's showing it on Alberta for Last Thursday (exact details are on the website).

Lauren Zettler does Soundgarden. Lauren is from New York, and I follow her on Twitter, and when I ask her things (like, "Can I share your free song?"), she's always nice about it, which makes me feel like less of a creeper. I saw Lauren back in May with some friends at a little hole in the wall coffeehouse on Williams. She sang for a tiny crowd, and there were these creepy mannequin heads behind her. But her voice is awesome, and I like the way it seems to change the song. And it's free!

Lastly, Jason Boyett's blog about Rich Mullins. My mom bought me a tape of Winds of Heaven, Stuff of Earth when I was 7 or 8, and I literally have never stopped listening to it (on cd, now. :) )

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