Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Write your epistle to the Portlanders, and then we'll talk."

First thing's first... I'm new to this blogging universe, and I'm definitely learning as I go. Last night taught me that I should not post when I'm really tired, and so I apologize to anyone who was reading those ramblings.

Today could easily have been labeled a failure, and I am actively fighting the urge to do so. Rather than apply for any jobs, I found myself utterly wasting time, and feeling sleepy, and putting my energy into things that were nowhere near as important. But as always, it made me available for some other things, mainly some important conversations I was happy to have.

My friend Eric just came back from a vacation (I feel like every post is introducing a new character in some novel that doesn't exist.), and I got to call him and hear all about it. Besides being one of my favorite people on the planet, Eric is also one of the best storytellers I have ever met in my life. The stories will always be grounded in reality, but will almost never be completely true, and this is what makes them so great. Eric can take the most mundane details of life and turn them into completely new animals, hilarious, beautiful, or both, as the situation of the storytelling necessitates. I'm glad he's back.

I've been thinking today about being in flux...is it possible for your state of being in flux, being in change, to be in flux itself? I am pretty sure I am using the word wrong, and before anybody corrects me, know that in this case, I don't care, because it is a fantastic word, and I'll say it again. Flux.

But I feel like I have been, and a lot of my friends have been, in such a state. Things haven't really changed yet, but you can tell they're about to. And so you're balancing in between, waiting to be dropped in one direction or another. I wonder if anyone else feels this way. It's what my entire summer has been.

On a lighter note, I have to share something that Courtney sent me. She discovered an ad (you're not allowed to ask where or why we find these things; we just do, so shut up about it already) where a man who claimed to be new to this sort of thing (as we all do) was looking for a woman to hang out, etc. with, with no strings attached. Unfortunately (being, of course, "new at this"), his earlier attempts had apparently sent him to porn-bots and several men. This was not what our friend (our hero? our brief protagonist?) was really looking for, so in this latest ad, after describing his misadventures, he kept it simple. Empty space on the page, and then:

I like vaginas.

Well, good for you, champ! Way to pick a team. I don't know this man, and I don't necessarily feel the need to, but I hope things work out for him. And apologies to Eric for being introduced in the vagina post, but hey... it's not me, it's just today.

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