Saturday, September 5, 2009

"I don't know what my type is...liars, maybe."

I have started reading Franny and Zooey and am absolutely loving it (though I am finding the effort to hold the old book in Eric's spine-saving fashion ridiculously difficult. I like letting books flop open in front of me, like setting them down, open to my place,). Like everybody else, I read The Catcher in the Rye in high school, and loved it, and read Nine Stories in college (but for fun, over a summer, because that's how I roll) and loved that even as it depressed the hell out of me. It's been a long time since I've read any Salinger, and it's a little like meeting a high school friend at the ten year reunion, only to discover that you still think they're great, but in a completely different way.

(In an unrelated, overly nerdy grammar-whore moment, I think all these book titles are technically supposed to be underlined, but I'm not certain AND I don't like the way that looks. And this is MY blog, dangit.)

The job hunting hasn't been quite as fruitful or a focused as I would hope it to be this week, but I did get several more applications off. And we'll start again, maybe as soon as tomorrow, but not before I have a wonderful visitor! My dear friend Laura, who graduated from the seminary with me in May, is in Portland as of tonight, and we're having (late) breakfast in the morning. So, so excited to see her.

I keep having a dream that's not exactly recurring, but the theme and motif are the same: there's some kind of robbery going on, in a bank or a home, and I show up late. Sometimes I know the robbers, sometimes I don't. but every time, I sneak in the midst of the chaos, grab some stuff, and then leave without anyone saying anything (when it was a bank robbery, I had three full sacks with big dollar signs on them, like in the cartoons, that I just picked up off the floor). I leave, and about five minutes later, I am overwhelmed with guilt, looking at my spoils. I have stolen these, I think. I'm officially a theif.

I never repent or return what I have taken, though, because that's always when I wake up. I view dream analysis with a very untrusting eye, but I'd be interested to hear thoughts.


  1. Not sure if this means anything or not but on the site Dream Moods it says this about dreaming of stealing:
    To dream that you are stealing, denotes that you are deprived and where the stealing takes place (at home, the office, at school....) is indicative of your neediness. Alternatively, it may signify unrealized and unfulfilled goals. You may have set your goals too high.

  2. ahhhhhhhh-OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ( with the inflection in voice that only that creepy reporter on Dateline has)

    ...and yeah, I think you are feeling like you need money..a big cartoon bag wouldn't be too bad either.

  3. Your dream means that you feel like you are taking more than you are giving, and you feel guilty about that. It is ok, though, because you only feel this way; it is not an accurate reflection of reality.

    And yes, book titles are supposed to be underlined. You can't use quotes because they are reserved for other titles, but you can use italics for everything. Well, I guess you can use quotes, but only if you're ok with being wrong ;P