Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Can I order bacon with it?"

It's been another long hiatus for me, and I am heading into what will probably be another one. I'm realizing that, in a sense, this blog really does mirror my life. There are times where I am present and intentional and funny and on top of everything, and then... there's February.

In blog- and real-life-form, I have disappeared for two weeks or more at a time. I am sure there are a couple friends who are certain I am avoiding them; each time they contact me I am out of town, on my way out of town, or otherwise entangled. If you're one of those friends, here's two things you need to know: 1) I'm not avoiding you and 2) you're not alone.

Also in blog- and real-life, there are the things I want to talk about and can't. There's the Haiti post I have sat down to write multiple times and have given up because I am crying too hard to type. Someday, it'll be written. Someday when I'm braver.

My mom is going back into the hospital this week, hopefully for the last time. So I'll be away again for a while. Prayers are, as always, appreciated, if you're the type. I'll be abandoning my family in their time of need on Monday, however, because The Magnetic Fields are playing at the Aladdin. Here's The Magnetic Fields, unclassifiable as they may be:

Also, in a not-exactly-unhealthy-but-probably-unwise bid for stress management, I have bought a ridiculous amount of music in the last month. And while multiple things have cycled through the car cd player, Metric's "Fantasies" seems to have taken up residence officially. The others will have to find somewhere else to be, I suppose. Below, because I don't know how to post a a simple audio track, is another cheesy still YouTube video of my favorite track:

In closing, I would like to point out that the title of today's blog was spoken to me by two separate people this week. They make terrible vegetarians.

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  1. i love bacon. love it. love it. love it.

    i do not understand metric. saw them in concert in oakland in... march? oh the venue was great, the people watching was great, but boy oh boy she bops around too much and tries too hard for me. but it was a friend's bday so it didn't matter if i loved them or not.

    music. you likey? and you blog! i have a friend who has a music website and he's always looking for reviewers. so if you're openminded to listening to random new stuff and writing about it... lemme know.